The repression suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis … must be pulled out by the roots (Imperialist roots)

The repression suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis … must be pulled out by the roots (Imperialist roots)



The recent issue #213 that was a special issue on Israel was excellent in its portrayal of the Imperialist attack dog known as the state of Israel.


Most people don't make the connection that what Israel is doing to the Palestinians, how it is oppressing the Palestinians is the same treatment all oppressed people get worldwide, of course on different levels.  Learning the historical developments of settler states, of fascistic colonization allows you to identify these same elements in their embryonic stage, in its infancy or even at a more mature mode.  One of the things that struck me in this issue was when one of the points brought up was in apartheid South Africa and how the fascist government their had enacted what they called the "pass law" where Blacks had to show ID at all times.  When I read that I thought of Arizona initiatives that are asking for a "pass law" of their own.  Oftentimes in America poor people either don't realize that underlying meaning behind efforts imposed on the oppressed nations or are unaware that these efforts are not new and have been unleashed before and on many different continents.


I look at the pictures of the apartheid wall built around Gaza and see the apartheid wall cutting off the Mexican & Central & South American people.  The idea of Israel going into Palestine and corralling the Palestinians in on their own land is about as outrageous as the U.S. doing it to the Mexicans in the Southwest.  These outright crimes against humanity are sold to the public with the spin of a madison ave marketing agency with tales of gangs and terrorism that serve as an emollient to the publics consciousness.


As I read the special issue and reading about the U.S. selling the Saudis aircrafts and weapons I can see them gearing up so to speak, for war with Iran.  The U.S. will retreat from Afghanistan and is laying down the path for an uninterrupted war transferring from Afghanistan to Iran, just as it did with Iraq going straight into Afghanistan.  At this point Imperialism must continue its unending war footing, it is in line with its last gasp, an acceleration before its final implosion.  The truth is that if the current housing situation with the mortgage crisis taking a hit, the unemployment rate is at a high and more people are homeless imagine if the hundreds of thousands of U.S. soldiers all over the world, what if they came back and needed a job in an industry that has folded, how about the industries that make Billions profiting from war, they would fold and add to the capitalist crises and then all of us in jails and prisons are released and we want jobs then what?  The truth is this system cannot sustain itself through true justice.  The nature of this economic capitalist system relies on things like war, the military industrial complex, the prison industrial complex and other elements because the truth is capitalism is not compatible with peace and justice, it would cease to exist if it would implement peace and justice today!  Until the social relations of production change there essence to that of socialism there will not be justice nor peace.


The repression suffered by the Palestinians at the hands of the Israelis cannot be stopped by a general strike nor an antifada, it must be pulled out by the roots (Imperialist roots).  The sad truth is the U.S. would not allow the crushing of Israel by any of its neighbors without a long drawn out fight.  It seems to me that in order to liberate Palestine and end or "put down" the Imperialist attack dog known as the state of Israel Imperialism itself must be "put down".  I was reading the text to a talk given by Avakian entitled "Ruminations and Wranglings: on the importance of Marxist materialism, communism as a science, meaningful Revolutionary work, and a life with meaning", this talk ran in issue #162 of Revolution newspaper.  Well in this talk Avakian was talking about Marx's "The 18th Brumaire" and he went on to talk of how different class forces see different solutions to different problems and he says in part "The Black Bourgeoisie in the U.S., the forces grouped around Mandela in South Africa, Ghandi in India, the forces around Khomeini in Iran and so on, see (or saw) things not in a universal way, but in a particular way; what they advocate and strive for embodies a particular or partial redress, or change, not a universal redress -- not a sweeping radical transformation of the existing system".  I think this applies to the horrors that Israel is unleashing on the Palestinians, for the Israelis to simply halt on building more settlements etc. is good but not enough the whole zionist program and its Imperialist roots must go as well.  This of course will not happen without the will of the people at an International level.  A universal redress is needed for the masses.


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